No offence, but if you were to serve me this bread, I would politely ask for you to trim the top off and give me the edge piece near the water mark.

None taken, especially since I don’t recall inviting you to my table.

Can someone be kind enough to direct me to a credible resource where I can learn about this more (menstrual blood and altar food)?

Guys, she’s looking for a ~*~credible resource~*~ on this shit - anyone wanna help a “blossoming Witch who one day plans on exploring shamanism in her much later years” out?

Well, Miss Dirty… you finally got me to break my bloggin’ Hiatus. Many thanks to you and your glorious, bloody, bread.

If you read nothing else for the rest of the year, you have to read it.

Love Scylla and Ms. Dirty and that beautiful anointed bread. And I spy with my little eye some harpies that are most definitely not invited to my table. Doesn’t matter if you find it palatable or safe (and since when is witchcraft, let alone shamanism very safe?) - you hush and learn something when the grownups are talking. 

I’ve been thinking about this phenomena of goslings getting all ruffled and having to exclaim loudly “Ewww! I’d NEVER do that!” or whatever gems of eloquence come about. Does it give them a thrill you think? Does it somehow make them feel like they’ve separated themselves, that they are a safe distance from the unacceptable? Or is it some shallow attempt to put the unacceptable in it’s place? 

Either way it seems rather fruitless.  

Actually the more I think on it, the more I think it’s a instinctual response to that their curiosity or mere presence to the unacceptable isn’t interpreted as participation. I remember this rather distinctly from my days of self-hatred of all things to do with my bodily functions. If I distanced my self from it by declaring it filth then the filth would not be associated with me. It’s understandable in that light. 

Anyways enough hypothetical ramblings on other people’s motivations lol.

I continue to say it is a beautiful image of what is no doubt by now beautiful bread. And if it ain’t your cup of tea then don’t put menstrual blood on your bread.  Easy as that folks.