Fueled by a desire to make change happen, to have a better world. We made magic the way that we knew how to make magic. But imagine if it went further? Imagine if others look on the Mother of New Time and not just pass it up because it’s not how they do magic. But took up the cause and made their magic? What if those who don’t cast spells, took it up in prayer and petitions? What if groups of all kinds and all paths under this umbrella of Paganism took this as a start and ran with it. Every full moon people of all creeds taking the time and the care to set the intention for a better future for all. The energetic wave would be awe inspiring.

More than that, the chain of events would lead to real change. We set forth with our spiritual intention every full moon to the end of 2012. The moon then becomes a focus and reminder to wake up and take notice. Suddenly that news article you read, reminds you to pay special attention to that issue during the rite. You find yourself paying more attention to the news. You start to look into whether or not your candidates and representatives are supporting those ideals that you care about and pray for. It’s election year, you have a list of what is important to you, how you want the world to change. You can use that to help navigate the candidates , issues, the propositions.  It becomes a part of your working mind, you make choices with your pocket book, with your voice. The ritual then is a wake up to be present in the shaping of the future! That is power. That is how change happens.

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My sisters have started a year long full moon ritual titled We, The Mother of the New Time. A powerful working to connect the consciousness of women around the world, with the potential to go so much farther. We can all grow a better future.